Pengur’s Store has launched!

Hey everyone!

As of the 25th, Hagrid announced on Twitter that Pengur’s new store was introduced! In Pengur’s new store, using your in game ‘diamonds’, you can purchase and customize your own nameglow, namecolor, ring texture, and bubblecolor! To earn diamonds to purchase these items, you can play a variety of games around the island. Be sure to save up, as these are some really cool additions!


Once purchased, you’d click your penguin’s icon in the top right of your screen once again, and choose the settings option. Once this menu is present on your screen, to edit the items you just bought, click ‘Edit Store Items’.


Once you’ve clicked ‘Edit Store Items’, the bottom portion of this menu will alter, and give you three options. You’ll be given the option to change the color of your namecolor, nameglow, and bubblecolor. Once you’ve purchased the item from the store, you’ll be able to edit the color. For anyone who doesn’t purchase any of the features, you’ll still be given the same three options, yet unable to use them (this picture is an example of what the menu would look like without purchasing any of the features).


Interested in Pengur? You can register/play by clicking here! Well, that’s all for me everyone. Hope to see you in my next post, peace!



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