Pengur’s Store and Account Manager – Spotlight

Shopping the action or activity of buying items either from a store or online. It’s a fun and innovative way to hang out with friends and past time by dancing through the grocery aisle to an exotic seventies disco tune like John Travolta’s  – Staying Alive. Pengur introduced their Store complete with features that can be purchased with diamonds.


The features that are listed in the picture above include – Name Glow,  Name Color, Ring Texture, and Bubble Color. Let’s examine these bad boy features and see how much these are going to cost us. For 10,000 diamonds the player can purchase Name Glow and for 9000 diamonds they can afford the Name Color. 20,000 diamonds will award you the beautiful and bright Ring Texture and 15,000 diamonds will give the Bubble Color. To know more about how to earn diamonds, you may refer to this post.


The next feature we will examine is the Store Editor seen in the picture above. In the Editor a player can see what server they are on, penguin’s age and your penguin’s ID. After the features are purchased you can go and oversee your new and exciting items in the Store Editor.

The picture below is the Account Manager, it shows the player’s Ban History, it also allows you to manage your email address, passwords and security pins. You may view your player, igloos and puffles information as well. The Quick Select helps you navigate around the Manager with ease just by the click of a button.


All things considered, this concludes our spotlight. Until next time, farewell my enthralled Speedy Readers.

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