Pengur’s Giveaway!

For what seemed like forever, penguins all over had waited to attend Pengur’s Giveaway. And finally, the time came! This giveaway was hosted by two of our own here at Speedy CPPSHQ, Camden and Jennifer! This giveaway was such an enjoyable experience, and I sure was lucky to have attended, and even luckier to be posting on it! Alright, let’s dive into it.


To start off the giveaway, Camden and Jennifer entered the theater in amazing fashion and the show was all theirs! They took questions from the users, took suggestions on the events they should do, and even answered some questions that the users had for them. The first game played was hide and seek, and Camden was hiding! Camden was given a minute to hide, and then the users were off! In only thirty seconds, Leila had found Camden hiding at the Water Park, congratulations Leila!

Next up was a very fun event, snowball fights! Personally, this was my absolute favorite event. It was so much fun and I saw that the users were really enjoying themselves. Many users had thrown at least fifty snowballs at that event, and there was a lot of happiness being spread around Pengur! Wow, what a great time that was.

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After the users had won the snowball fight against Camden and Jennifer, they moved on to sledding! Sled racing is one of my favorite multiplayer games, and this sure was fun! I wish I could’ve raced many more times, partly because I lost the races I had participated in, haha. It was a marvelous sight to see all of Pengur’s users atop the Ski Hill racing each other, even some of Pengur’s Mascots showed up to this event, including DJ Cadence and Aunt Arctic!


Then was Find Four, a very relaxing followup to the previous events, yet equally as enjoyable! I got to play two rounds, and man, I do wish I had played more! Aunt Arctic even showed up and played two games with me, they were really enjoyable! I lost one game of Find Four, and gladly won the other, it was very fun! Pengur really does offer a comfortable feeling to its users, and make them feel at home as I did! I love spending time in the lodge, and you can even come on some time and find me there! Enough of my rambling, let’s continue!


After the Find Four, many of the users suggested that we play hide and seek once more! And surely we did, bringing out a special guest just to make it a bit more special! This time, Ted was hiding and many users were very eager to find him! Although, there could only be one very lucky winner, and that was Cr223, who found Ted in a surprisingly quick amount of time, congratulations!

Then, the moment everyone had been waiting for, the giveaway! As soon as Camden and Jennifer returned to the theater, they announced that they’d be choosing two winners, how generous? The first winner of the day was adrianijr, who had been chosen at random for having a great Pengur spirit, congratulations to you! And then was the second winner of the day, this penguin won for having an incredible spirit for Speedy CPPSHQ and Pengur, Fiets! Congratulations to Fiets, and thanks to him for being a loyal Pengur and Speedy CPPSHQ user.


And then to top everything off, a custom item was given to everyone, the Speedy CPPSHQ pin! This item was so nicely designed and I’m very grateful that Camden and Jennifer came through to all the users and found such a great way to include all of them for attending the event! I really enjoyed the event and am so glad I had the time to be there, and was given the task to report on it. This community is always offering me and my team such great experiences and I’m so glad that I’m here for them!


Thanks to all of the users for keeping this community alive for such a long time, and thanks to everyone for doing so well on this giveaway! Especially the Pengur Team, Jennifer, and Camden. You guys did great hosting the event and I, and many others hope we can do this again another time! Thanks to everyone for sticking with me through this post, and we at Speedy CPPSHQ hope you could’ve made it there to experience the giveaway!




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