What happens when Pengur comes back?

Hi everyone,

are you wondering what will happen when Pengur comes back? Yes, me too. I’m going to post about it today to remove your confusion. They are going to change everything, but some things are going to stay the same as they were before. The Pengur team is planning a lot of things, they are also releasing daily sneak-peeks for Pengur at their Twitter.

Here is one:

Wow! The ice berg looks great, but it looks empty. Why? Because Pengur is still undergoing construction and we are soon going to post some exclusive sneak-peeks and info in my next post.

When is Pengur coming back?

Yes, that seems like an important question. When I asked Flippy about that he said:

We’re not sure when we’ll return but we’ve got some amazing new content coming as you can tell from the sneak peeks on the official twitter (@PengurCPPS)

I hope they come back really, really soon. They’re planning a lot of things for us and they are also asking for ideas from Pengur fans! To suggest an idea you can contact them via Twitter and suggest them an amazing idea which might help them with development.

Is Pengur going to be the same?

Pengur will be the same but will be improved and have some brand new content and customs. Here is what Flippy said about that:

We’ll be more customized than ever before. New content, new features, a new start for Pengur.

Cool right? I cannot wait for them to release. They are really working hard and they want YOU to help them. How to help them? Suggest them great ideas or any opinions on how Pengur can improve by taking this SURVEY

We are going to post about their progress and release some exclusive info about Pengur. For now?

Adios amigos!


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