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Pengur Updates + May 2016 Announcement!

Hello, everyone! Exciting news! Pengur has recently released some cool new updates, as well as two NEW ROOMS! Let’s check it out! Click here to play now!

Map Updates


As you can see the island map has been customized to look cleaner! If you look closely, you’ll see

that a couple of new rooms have been added! I wonder what happens when you click the Pengur icon!

Custom Emotes!


As you can see, the emotes now look for modern, and the Pengur emote now works! Which one is your favorite?

Hint: Press E+P for a custom Puffle emote!

New Mascot Playercards!


Your favorite mascots now have custom player cards and custom gifts to give away! Make sure to keep an eye out for any planned Mascot Meetups!

Lookin good, Cadence! 

Brand new rooms!


The Pengur Lake is a cool place to relax, and to hang out with a group of friends!


The Tallest Mountain has the best view of Pengur! I also heard that there is a hidden secret in this room!


Stop by the pool, and host some epic parties! This room is my favorite place to hang out, and a very popular area for penguins!

Ironic, right?

SPOILER ALERT: May 2016 Party Announcement!

Today, the design team at Pengur released a new video confirming that there will be an Adventure Party!

How exciting! Check out the video here!


“Rockhoppers Adventure Party”

The party will start on Saturday May 7th, 2016! Will you be there?

Visit Pengur now: Home|Play|Register|

Explore even more new features only on Pengur!


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