Pengur Turns 1!


Hi, penguins!

Just one year ago today, a new CPPS was born. Pengur.

Pengur’s anniversary surely cannot go unnoticed, and Pengur is celebrating this the way they know best, with a party!

While attending Pengur’s 1 Year Anniversary party, you will surely experience some deja vu, with many of your old favorite past parties returning, with a cool twist.

Upon login, you will be first greeted by the updated login screen, with a glittery pink vibe to shimmer in the new party!

Once in the game, you will be welcomed by Aunt Arctic, gifting you a little party hat icon which will then contain a little more to discover.

Within this new icon, it holds more information on features of the party! Let’s open it up and have a little glimpse.

We just love the message! We’ll take a little peek at the Time Trekker 3000 a little later, but we’re more interested in claiming that party hat!

If you waddle into the Coffee Shop, you will find what every party must need, A CAKE! Beyond this cake, the party hat is nestled somewhere within this room. Can you spot it?

There it is! Right underneath the cake!

We’ve found the party hat! This perfect pink and green hat surely does represent the theme this whole party creates, great color choices!

But that’s not all. Upon login, you will also be automatically be gifted an exclusive stamp, just for attending this party! You can view the stamp within your stamp book.

There’s that party hat again!

Now, remember the Time Trekker 3000? Let’s head over there!

Situated over at the snow forts, it’s time to explore what it contains.

Woah, we’re entering another dimension…

A party switcher? Pengur has put a twist in time, including a party switcher of sorts, so you can revisit older parties, through this nifty selection menu.

Sweeeeeet! Camp Pengur is one of our favorites!

Pengur has also updated their newspaper to reflect on their anniversary, make sure to check it out!

Not only that, but expect mascot patrols! With Pengur hinting in a tweet that you may see more mascots on tomorrow!

What has been your favorite moment on Pengur? Ours definitely was the Speedy CPPSHQ Pengur giveaway event, back in June last year!

Great memories! You can relive that event, here.

Anddd that’s a wrap… make sure to check out the party & claim that party hat!

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