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Greetings, as you may have heard the famous-custom server Pengur is back, it went down for maintenance a few weeks ago and ever since then it has been worked on hard by the whole team of Pengur and they are happy to announce that they’ve officially made a comeback in the community, better than ever, even more customized, less buggy, laggy and even more thrilling! They announced their return yesterday at their official Twitter:


I quickly logged into my account to check out what’s new in the store for the users and trust me this login screen is friendly enough before you start your journey:

Pengur’s designer also known as Flippy, has redesigned many rooms to meet the needs of the users, first lets take a look at the coffee shop.

applicationframehost_2016-09-20_14-36-03This is an awesome place to hangout with your friends or have a cup of coffee by yourself to make your day better 🙂

applicationframehost_2016-09-20_14-36-36In my opiniom , this would be the best spot to read all the news happening around at Pengur and as well play games like Mancala or read books, amazing design!

applicationframehost_2016-09-20_14-36-44When you click the Rockhopper stuff toy, you’ll receive a pop-up, well it seems its not fixed yet, so you’ll have to wait until you can see what it actually is!

applicationframehost_2016-09-20_14-43-24Almost every room at Pengur, has been remade and has been through many changes to give it a modernized and simple design!

applicationframehost_2016-09-20_14-40-35When they said EVERYTHING has been touched and made a beauty of, they actually meant it. The map has been updated as well!

As I said earlier, Pengur is very fast, less buggy, even on a low-end computer its extremely fast!

applicationframehost_2016-09-20_14-59-16Oh and lets not forget, Pengur has updated its Pengur Style to the spooky-famous Halloween theme, sounds amazing, right?

applicationframehost_2016-09-20_15-00-35Oh look, its Dote, introducing and welcoming us to the new Pengur Style, clicking any of these pages will lead you to some special items created by the Pengur team!

applicationframehost_2016-09-20_15-00-44Enough to scare you? Nope? Keep checking the catalogue, which will showcase some even more spooky clothes for you.

Pengur’s new version has just released which means you’ll face some glitches, bugs and sometimes server errors, if you find any of them, quickly report it to their official Twitter : @PengurCPPS and they’ll fix the issue as soon as possible to make your experience even pleasurable, they surely will continue impressing the community with another major updates, which will be covered by the team at SpeedyCPPSHQ so keep your eyes on us 🙂

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