Pengur: Operation Doomsday

Hey everyone,

Pengur is celebrating something new! Do you know what is it? Operation Doomsday! They have changed a lot of things and it really looks awesome, here is what you see when you first login to the game:

You’re greeted by the jet pack guy and he tells you about reports that Rookie has been kidnapped by Herbert. He is also asking you to look for clues. Are you having problems finding them? Do not worry, this post will help you find them!

  1. You need to look for Herbert’s hideout, it can be found at The Plaza, after that go to the stage and you will find Herbert’s hideout. But, wait a minute! You need a key which can be found from the clothes shop located at the town.

After that go to the hideout again located at the Plaza.

  1. You’ll see a white fur on the stage which might be of Herbert. When you click on it, a prompt from Rookie will comeup and after that Rookie will lose connection.

After Rookie loses connection DOT will ask you to bring the fur to to the HQ to find out who it’s from, after that when you go to the HQ and click ‘THE LAB’ a prompt will comeup and it will scan the object and then after that the jet pack guy will say it is Herbert’s fur.

Cool missions right? That’s all I could find. I will probably make a post about this and keep you updated about the case that has been going around the Pengur community. We completed 2 tasks today, make sure to come tomorrow for a new quests again so that we can crack the case!




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