Pengur: New Updates!

Hey Penguins!

When I looked at the designer of Pengur’s twitter, I stumbled across some new epic updates! These updates include a new login, and a new way to show when a staff is real! Let’s check out the updates, shall we?

First update: Login changes!

Login changes 2

When first entering Pengur, if you don’t have an account already saved, you should come up with this new and redone login.

Login changes 1

If you already have a penguin saved, you should come up with this screen with your penguin in a bigger format.

Login changes 3

A newer and redone login, with your penguin in shorter view so you could focus on entering the game, totally awesome!

Login changes 4

A redone server selector with the Pengur mascot, Ted, and the updates to the server. This login is very unique and very original! Very nice work, Pengur!

Second update: New badges to tell staff apart from regular players!

Sometimes players create penguins close to the staff penguins, but CPPSes have came up with an idea to stop that. A real staff penguin has a badge to tell others apart. Pengur recently had the badge on the right side of the player card, but they moved it up to the top left by the name!

In recent news, Pengur was down for a decent amount of time. Because of users really liking the Adventure Party, Pengur decided to extend the party by one more week because of their downtime. Awesome!

All these updates are great and add to the amazing originality that Pengur has. I know they’ll come up with new ideas to bring to the community very soon!






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