Pengur – Music Jam: On Tour is Here!


The party starts now, the much anticipated Music Jam has arrived on Pengur!

The party is in full jam right now (too punny?), and we’re here to checkout what Pengur has to offer at this exclusive party!

The Pengur team tweeted out what the Music Jam: On Tour has to offer, which can be seen below:

Nifty! Once logging in, we’re automatically shown the fantastic login screen, to indicate the Music Jam party.

pengur 1

We’re absolutely loving the purple theme! But that’s not all, the loaders have also updated to include the Music Jam: On Tour party.

pengur 2

Before moving onto the cool features this party includes, you should definitely checkout the map! The map has been updated to include the updated rooms in celebration of the party.

pengur 3

Those musical rooms sure do give us an impression that the team has a lot changed throughout the island!

Now we all know you’ve been staring at that bright blue and pink musical note button, dying to see it’s contents, so it’s time to put you out of your misery! This menu contains two important things:

pengur 4

Mhmm pretzels.. These are more than pretty icons, or pretzels to make you hungry, they are mysterious items hidden all around the island for you to find! If you do find all of these 4 items, you will receive a mystery gift, and what is this mystery gift you ask? A mystery. #NoSpoilers

Not only this, this party comes along with some pretty cool quests. Now you will need to wait and see what the second part of this quest entails, so make sure to tune in on Saturday April 9 to take part in it!

Put on those dancing shoes, Cadence wants to see your best dance moves. Fly over to the stage, where you can perform for Cadence, if she likes the way you dance, you will be rewarded with a cool Cadence background!

pengur 5 pengur 8

On a final note, every user is a star (literally), a blue star has been placed as a ring under every player, check it out!

pengur 9

A very special edition of the Pengur Times has also been released, featuring DJ Cadence, who has provided some insights on the Music Jam: On Tour, you can view what she said below:

Source: Pengur Blog (2016) http://pengur.tumblr.com/
Source: Pengur Blog (2016) http://pengur.tumblr.com/

The Music Jam is not on forever, so we suggest you check it out as soon as you can & explore the mysteries the island has to offer.

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