Pengur: Mini event + more

Hi people,

I visited Pengur today and I saw a mini event! I also saw a new pin hidden at the snow forts + new Pengur times! Cool right? What might be the mini event about? Let’s see!

Can you guess which room is it? It’s the snow fort! They only changed one room as it’s a mini event only. The mini event they are celebrating is the summer mini event!

Look! It’s summer, the summer season has started and the weather is very hot. As stated you can get the LATEST summer wear from the clothing shop’s penguin style! Looks like Rory is working on a very big project which will release next week. They are going to interview Rory about the big project, so make sure to read the Pengur times next week as it is going to be very interesting! They are also going to release the Pengur Style when the awesome party starts on 16th July, make sure to choose some cool outfits! 😀

Are you having tough time finding the pin? Same here! Let’s see where to find the pin.

Yay! I found it. The pin’s name is starfish, the pin is just near your penguin lying down on the ground! Seems like it is a dead starfish. 🙁

The mini event looks great! I cannot wait for upcoming project which will release next week. Make sure to visit Speedy CPPSHQ if you want to be updated about this secret project!




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