Pengur: Halloween Party

Hi everyone!

I know they are way too late to host the halloween party or maybe I just did not post it in time? Well, other than that. Pengur did a lot of updates for the halloween party including a lot of changes and of course some quests with some spooky tasks!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

When you first visit their play page, you can notice that they did some changes to their startscreen with a lightning  effect:

When you  click a server, you can see a welcome screen with a halloween party logo with dark clouds:

After that when you are at the town, you can see the changes of the halloween party at Pengur. They changed a lot of rooms and also added some  exciting  quests.

That is not enough yet! They’ve made a lot of changes, I suggest you to check them out! I hope you enjoy the spooooky halloween party! 😀

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