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Hi Speedy readers,

It’s june! The giveaway month. We’ve planned a lot of giveaway’s this month, but those are secret and it will be posted shortly. Now, I am going to announce a special giveaway event hosted on Pengur by Camden and Raymond! Yes, that’s right. You will get a chance to meet the cpps.me moderator and a SpeedyCPPSHQ reporter! Some mascots will be visiting too as well. Waiting for answers? Here it is!

  1. When is the giveaway taking place?

The giveaway will be starting on June 24th, at 2:00 PM EST. Which means it is taking place on Friday! Make sure to wear awesome outfits, and get ready for this exciting event.

  1. In which room the event will take place?

The event will take place in the stage which means only the event hosts will get access to the stage except normal users. The staff team of Pengur is working very hard on the event, and they are decorating a lot of stuff which we don’t know yet! Make sure to meet Pengur moderators as well, so that they can answer your questions or anything you would like to ask!

  1. What will they be giving away?

They will be giving away one custom item and lots of diamonds to ONE LUCKY PENGUIN! which can be either won by playing contests like hide and seek and lots more! Or else one penguin can be chosen by random too! Make sure to attend this event this Friday so that you can enjoy and have fun with Camden and Raymond and of course mascots too!

  1. What is the custom item like?

You will find out on Friday if you attend the event, it might be a super cool item or an awesome item made by Pengur.

Have any questions? Make sure to comment now! Thanks to Pengur for giving a chance to SpeedyCPPSHQ for hosting an awesome event. Did you know? Reporters from SpeedyCPPSHQ will visit too! So, make sure to meet them as well. Incase you don’t have an account on Pengur, so make sure to Join!

Want a countdown? Here it is!


Have fun when the event starts! 😀




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