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Hey everyone,

Jennifer here with some rather very exciting news! Pengur has been hard at work with making their parties full of fun, and they’ve come out with a new one a few days ago! This one goes by the name of Pengur Games. Upon going to the play page, I was greeted by this —

Wow, I’m loving how it looks! As you can see, this party is from July 9th to July 30th. That’s a really long time given for you to come on the game and enjoy yourself! Upon logging in, I was shown a message —

Woah, I’m absolutely loving what Pengur has done so far! When I clicked on “Okay,” they asked me which team I wanted to be on for their games. As time went on, I understood the concept of this party more —

Neat! Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m going on Team Shark! — Hey, wait, when I clicked the shark, I was given a background… wow! So much is happening, and I’ve barely made it on to the game itself! —

As you can see from the pictures shown beforehand, the town is looking pretty cool for the party. I’m going to waddle around and see what I can do, and I’ll be playing with the button they added in for Pengur Games! —

Wow, the stadium looks a lot bigger to me for some reason. I guess they changed it around to make it more fun to run around and play the soccer games for the teams they’ve added in. I’m going to click the cone and soccer button and see what happens —

Amazing! Pengur has certainly put in a lot of effort to make this party fun for everyone. I’ve used the soccer ball given to us for free, and I’ve heard playing Shootout is very fun with your friends whenever you’re bored and need something to do, that’s for sure! Many other rooms are decorated for this event. I’m not sure what happens when you find all the cones, but hey, I’m going to let you see for yourself — I can’t give away everything happening in this party! You always want to be kept on your toes. For now, I suggest you come on Pengur and enjoy the party. This is something you definitely do not want to miss, and you certainly won’t be disappointed when you come online! If you have yet not, join today!

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