Pengur #Fundays

Heya Guys! Anson here,

How was the Pengur Giveaway today? I Bet it was AWESOME, We had tons of fun with ya’ll. As many of ya’ll know that me and Michael Planed of Pengur #Fundays every Fridays at 2 PM (EST) which I’ve announced today in Pengur Giveaway. Okay so #Fundays means that we’ll be playing games till 3 PM (EST) and there will be teams for Games such as Hide n Seek. The Team leaders will be changed every Fundays and the winning team gets tons of diamonds BUT in the end whichever team and a random player does the best actions will get a Super Surprise too :D. We won’t be playing only Hide n Seek but many other games too, And this Funday’s Leaders of the 3 teams are :-

  1.  Camden and Anson.
  2.  Jennifer and Flame.
  3.  Flippy and Yoyo. (The Team Leaders are chosen by https://www.random.org/)

The leaders will be choosing the members one by one But If the leaders are absent at the Funday, A New Leader will be chosen. But while playing Hide n Seek, Players must give the clues in xat chat down of Pengur CPPS and While playing, only 1 member of a team shall hide and give us clues about where the member is hiding. So, The Speedy CPPSHQ staff hopes ya’ll will come and we’ll be sending tons of postcards too and everyone who comes at #Funday will get a chance to meet different mascots including Ted. I Guess that’s all for today.

Until next time,

Waddle on!


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