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Speedy CPPSHQ was lucky enough to be approached by Flame, who is one of the founders of Pengur, with an exclusive interview. Pengur is a brand new revolutionary AS3 CPPS, which will be making it’s debut on March 5. Here is the interview with Flame, to follow:

What inspired you to create Pengur?

Yoyo and I created Pengur when I was on vacation. Yoyo approached me and said that he wanted to create a CPPS and I agreed. The birth of Pengur (formally Puffl) was made when I was just about to go to the pool. Odd creation story, I know ūüėõ

What is your personal favorite feature on Pengur?

My favorite feature will have to be everything custom! We have new custom parties coming after release, with new and exciting features before/after the release party.

How long have you been working on Pengur?

I’ve been working at Pengur since the first day of Development, which was in May. So, 10 months including February.

We’ve noticed you have a special staff rank, named ‘Music Team’, what are their roles?

We removed the Music Team this month after most of the team went offline. We’re still deciding if we should use the music already created or not.

Will Pengur be a very advanced server? If so, how will it be different from a competitor?

We are based on the new CP version of Club Penguin, but with a lot of new rooms and room upgrades, you won’t notice that we’re new CP at all. (I’m sorry for the people who hate new CP, but when you think of joining Pengur, think of all the new features awaiting your arrival!)

Have you got any exciting events planned for the users?

We do have exciting plans for our players! I’m not allowed to say a lot of them, but what I can say is that we’ll have custom items, ideas, parties, puffles(coming after release), and rooms waiting for you to discover!

For those who do not know, can you tell us about ‘Pengur¬†Deluxe’?

Sadly, we’ve removed Pengur Deluxe due to the poll we did on our twitter. We will have items you can buy with credits though! Deluxe may come back in the future, but to save time we’re removing it off our development list. Sorry!

When are you expected to launch?

Our release date is this Saturday! Come join us on March 5th to celebrate the release of Pengur!

Do you have any further comments?

I’d like to thank Speedy for supporting us through our development process. You guys have been the best when it came to Pengur news! Keep up the great work! If you don’t follow us already, you can follow us on Twitter for more updates on release at @PengurCPPS.

We’d like to thank Flame for this exclusive insight on Pengur. We’re very excited to see the turnout of Pengur, so make sure you visit on March 5 for the official release.

You can view an exclusive sneak-peek of Pengur, here.
You can visit Pengur, here.




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