Pengur: Android App + Party!

Hey everybody,

Jennifer here with some news that will be sure to knock your socks off. Upon checking both Pengur and the staff’s Twitters, I have found out some rather amazing information. Pengur is planning on releasing an application for Android! This news is very exciting indeed, and being an owner of an Android phone, I will be downloading Pengur’s application for certain. Pengur has pinned a tweet to their Twitter, with the tweet saying this —

Coming Soon to Android devices

Along with this text, they have provided us with this picture —

We do not know for sure what will be coming with this application. Pengur did not exactly answer yes or no when a user asked them if it is basically Pengur to play on mobile, but we believe that is what it is. Maybe more will be coming along with their application besides this! When I receive more information, a new post will likely be made on it, or this very post will be edited.

Pengur is also planning to release a party today. Click here to see their teaser. I wonder what it’s going to be about? They have also included that this will mainly be June’s party. I have to hand it to Pengur, they are working very hard and I’m super ecstatic to see what they are going to do besides their application and party! I or another staff will keep you updated. Until then, I’ll see you soon!

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