Pengur: An interview for the big update

Hey everyone,

Today I am going to interview Flippy, the designer of Pengur! I have heard rumors that Pengur is planning something big which is probably going to release soon. I am not sure yet! This interview is going to answer your questions as I am going to ask Flippy some questions about the upcoming update.

Me: When is the big update releasing?

It’ll be coming soon, although not all of it will release at the same time. But everything hangs together.

Me: What is the big update about?

We’re trying to bring big aspects of Club Penguin back to life in our own way.

Me: Is Pengur going to do a party and change other things during this big update?

Yes! Pengur will have it’s weekly updates as usual.

Me: During this big update are you going to do a giveaway?

We’ll consider doing so.

Me: Are you also planning to make custom items or outfits that users could use?

I’m currently not since I’m busy with Pengur. But if I get many requests I might consider doing it sometime in the future.

Me: Do you think users are going to enjoy this update?

I definitely do! The whole Pengur team is enjoying it just by working on it, haha!

Me: Are you also going to redesign things during this big update? Such as interface, startscreen, etc.

We don’t have any plans right now, but we’re sure there will be some interface and startscreen updates during and after this time.

Me: Are you also planning other things after the big update ends?

We’re always planning new contents for Pengur!

Me: Do you listen to the Pengur community?

We sure do! We’re always going through fan videos, posts and tweets. We love seeing what the Pengur community would like to see on Pengur.

Interesting interview right? They’re planning tons of things for the big secret update. I’m sure they are going to release some sneak-peeks about it.




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