Pengur: An earthquake hit the island?!

Hey everyone!

After a long maintenance, it’s time to post again! A few days ago, Pengur made a tweet about how their island got  attacked by an  earthquake:

However, the town is not the only place that got destroyed; there are many other places that also got affected like the coffee shop, clothes shop, etc.

On the other hand,  Pengur also added custom items!

Congrats to the first two penguins because they’re very lucky to wear the new custom items made by Pengur.

Did you know? Pengur is also working on a new video from the  Rockhoppers Adventure Party.

I really love the new updates that Pengur made.  Speedy CPPSHQ is going to keep you updated about the upcoming video that Pengur is working on, but for now? Keep visiting speedy if you want to be informed about the video release or other exciting updates that are happening around the CPPS community.




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