PenguinStyl Releases with Style!

Hi guys,

A new CPPS has been born, and that is PenguinStyl.

It may seem at first as a basic CPPS upon login, but these are just early stages.

Upon login, you will be greeted by a ‘This is loading’ loader, along with a theme to what it seems to be based around Club Penguin (the background and the orange top banner).

The server is owned by James & Scar, with the team planning to work on some exciting features to be soon added to the game.

Some features include:

  • Lottery System – We are making a new Lottery System (Not the best), You can enter your username in the ‘username box’ and whoever wins will get a free feature in-game of their choice.
  • Playercards – You can edit your playercard hue, add status, and change your music.
  • Custom Beaks – Change your moods on your penguin.
  • Emotes – We have the normal emotes and plus some custom emotes that we are making and already have.
  • Custom Items – Our Designers work day and night to bring you all amazing and creative items that you all will enjoy.
  • Item hue/Marry/Bff – You will be able to change the hue of your current items, You will be able to Marry and Bff any user playing PolarPenguin! Have fun!

Sourced from: Features


Although not all these features have initially been released, there are some standard features that you can currently use, such as the following:

  • !NC 0x(hex code) – To change your namecolor.
  • !NG 0x(hex code) – To change your nameglow.
  • !BC 0x(hex code) – To change your bubblecolor.
  • !BT 0x(hex code) – To change your bubbletext color.
  • !BG 0x(hexcode) – To change your bubble glow.
  • !Speed (#) – To adjust your penguin speed.

There are other commands such as moods and ring color which are still being worked on, but PenguinStyl has not yet released an official list of commands.

Please be aware as this CPPS has recently released, expect bugs. You can report these bugs via their official Discord here, or Twitter here.

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Have fun!





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