Penguin Playwright Problems

I am sure everyone is familiar with the Club Penguin shows on video services such as YouTube and VidMe. I call people who make these shows Penguin Playwrights. In this post, I will be criticizing some of the content Penguin Playwrights produce.

There are shows where the primary theme is school and/or romance. This is not a problem by itself, but this theme is so popular to use to the point it has been overused. If a Penguin Playwright wants to make a show with a school and/or romance theme, it should not be the primary theme. Another theme, such as a supernatural theme, should instead be the primary one.

You can almost always find a character with one of the hairstyles listed after this paragraph. These are way too overused and make a character look just like any other. Penguin Playwrights should avoid using these hairstyles:

  1. The Sidetied
  2. The Sidetied Too
  3. The Sidetied Strikes Back
  4. The Sunstriker
  5. The Firestriker
  6. The Shamrocker
  7. The Tuft
  8. The Right Stuff
  9. The Befluttered
  10. The Flutterby
  11. The Flitter Flutter
  12. The Side Swept
  13. The Sweep
  14. The Wind Swept

Another issue is that a lot of these shows are riddled with tropes. There is frequently a mean teenage girl who has a few followers. This is not the only type of antagonist you can have. Oftentimes, if the primary theme isn’t school and/or romance, this girl is a villain who has killed someone or something. How predictable is that? That brings up another issue, the lack of plot twists. A lot of these shows play out in a way almost anyone could guess. Make the character who has been the best friend of the main character the entire show the villain instead. Try to keep everyone surprised, but make sure you don’t contradict anything.

The lack of good writing among Penguin Playwright channels is a problem that ought to be fixed. The good news is that everybody can help. For the viewers, be extra critical of these shows. Compare them to some of your favorite television shows. Comment your feedback. For the Penguin Playwrights, try to find out what makes you love the television shows you love, then try to apply this to your own show. Always keep everyone surprised with what you decide to do. Help raise awareness of this issue by sharing this post!

For channels with good writing, I recommend CPPS News Updates and CPStarships101. They have made some of these mistakes, but they make up for it with their great writing.





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