Penguin Oasis unleashes a wicked new feature!

I see you’ve met our wacky friend, created using Penguin Oasis’ brand new feature!

Stay tuned for later in the post, to find out how to win 50,000 credits on Penguin Oasis!

For a CPPS first, Penguin Oasis has implemented a new free feature which allows users to create and customize their very own emojis, with version 1 of the Emoji Creator releasing last Monday, and it was automatically a hit with users creating their very own custom emojis.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the Emoji Creator, with Penguin Oasis managing to pull off a CPPS-first, and making creating your very own emoji, a breeze.

Below is a quick guide on how to use this brand new feature, and how to start creating your very own emoji in no time!

Step 1:

Open the emotes menu, and locate the arrow at the top-right corner, and move to page 2 of the menu.

Step 2

Click on either the pencil icon or the + icon to open the Emoji Creator customization center.

Step 3

Welcome to the Emoji Creator! Now you can begin customizing your very own Emoji. To begin, press the + icon.

Step 4

You can customize the color of the emoji, which includes the outer ring and a selection of a gradient shade across the emoji.

The eyes and mouth can be changed to different styles, by first clicking on either an eye or the mouth, and then clicking on the left or right arrow key which is featured underneath the emoji.

The size of the eyes and mouth can also be changed by clicking on one of the corners and dragging it in or out.

You also have the option to rotate the facial features, by placing ur mouse slightly above a corner and clicking and spinning the facial feature.

Step 5

After saving your emoji, they will now all appear within your saved emojis, from which you can then edit or delete them.

Step 6

Use your emoji! Open up your emote menu, and all your newly created emojis will appear. Simply click on an emoji to use it! If you ever want to edit or delete an emoji, click on the pencil icon.

Remember, this is only version 1 of the Emoji Creator, and plans are already underway to greatly expand it for version 2, offering much more customization options. If you have any suggestions, make sure to drop in a support ticket right here, and you could see it in version 2!

That isn’t the only feature Penguin Oasis slipped in with the latest updated, they’ve also added a nifty feature that makes sense to have.

If you’re an xat user, you may already have heard of such feature, on where you’re AFK for 5 minutes, an AFK icon will appear showing that you are away. This very same concept has been applied with this new feature.

If you don’t move your penguin, or speak for a total of 5 minutes, a red clock will automatically display right next to your username, indicating that you’re currently away.

As soon as you’re back, and move your penguin or speak, the clock will automatically disappear.

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for, how to win 50,000 credits on Penguin Oasis, and it’s quite simple! All you have to do is:


  • Follow @Penguin_Oasis on Twitter.

  • Retweet the tweet below:

  • Reply to that tweet with your penguin’s username (for an additional chance to win).

TWO winners will be chosen, and the contest will run until July 21st at 8PM EST.

As a reminder, credits can be used to purchase things from our credit store, like nickname changes, upgrades for the snowball server, and the ability to upload your own playercard background and penguin skins. In the future more options will be available as well, so enter while you can!

Make sure to tweet us some of your custom emojis created with the Emoji Creator. We’ll retweet some of the best ones!

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