Penguin Oasis introduces Find Four!

Hi everyone!

Long time no see huh? Well, as spring begins, Penguin Oasis gets a new feature! Find four! Well not pretty big but, Have you all heard of credits? Well by playing ‘find four’ you earn credits! Here is what you could win:

♥50 credits by winning a round!

♥25 credits by trying your best

♥5 credits for just watching a game!

This is the most easiest and fastest way to earn credits and I recently talked to Chai and she says that when the very famous ‘Oasis store’ releases, You could buy VIP, Special items, and lots of incredible stuff more! And all with credits! I hope you enjoy this brand new feature and stay tuned for more CPPS news!

The blog (Important for updates!): http://blog.oasis.ps/

The register (You may only have 3 accounts created): http://oasis.ps/join/

The play link!: http://play.oasis.ps/

This is iiSnowdrop signing off!


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