Penguin Oasis: Credit Jackpot

Hi guys,

Penguin Oasis has recently launched a brand new way to earn credits… The Credit Jackpot!

What are credits you may ask?
Credits are Penguin Oasis’ in-game currency. With credits, you can purchase additional upgrades to your account such a Nickname Change, Background Creator, Penguin Skins & upgrades for the custom Snowball game! Penguin Oasis has also recently released a brand new credit store feature in celebration of upcoming St. Patricks Day: The Gold Hoverboard. Not only is it a nice and shiny addition to your outfit, it also glides like a real hoverboard! Take a look:

Nice moves Coolest Penguin Ever & Eileen!

You may want a way to earn more credits. This is where the Credit Jackpot comes in. Throughout the week, you have the chance to collect your free daily reward, which consists of free credits and credit jackpot entries. If you continue to login consecutively, your daily prize amount will increase each day. Collecting all 7 days will give you a credit bonus, as well as your daily prize. At the end of the week, the system will randomly draw a winner who will receive the entire credit jackpot! When the winner is selected, they have the opportunity to either keep the whole prize, or split it between player(s) of their choosing. The more entries you have, the higher the jackpot grows! You also have the choice of purchasing extra entries with credits, which will boost your chances in winning the entire jackpot at the end of the week.

The current winnable amount of credits from the Credit Jackpot is 521,325 credits. The jackpot increases every time somebody buys a new entry.

The Credit Jackpot manager can be accessed by clicking on the golden ticket icon in the top-right corner of your screen.

Also throughout the week, the top player of Find FourSled RaceCard JitsuSnowball has the chance of winning bonus credits, along as being announced the winner of the week, at the Credit Jackpot ceremony (which we will tell you more about in a minute). You can track your weekly progress in all four of these multiplayer games, by viewing the Penguin Oasis Leaderboards here: https://penguinoasis.com/leaderboards

The Award Show

At the end of every week, Sunday 8PM EST at The Stage, to be exact. The winners of the leaderboards and the Credit Jackpot winner are announced, through a nifty award show. The show features the host Ronda and a giant screen to display the results live. The award show only plays once, for the live audience within the room, and you’re just in luck.. the next show is on tonight at 8PM EST so tune in! (You can still win even if you are not online).

Penguin Oasis has also mentioned that it will be releasing a brand new version of their Emoji Creator. For those who don’t know, Penguin Oasis offers users the ability to create their own free emojis which can then be used in-game. Take a look at how easy it is to create one:

Behold! Your newly created emoji.

Emoji Creator 2.0 has already boasted to be even more customizable than the current version! Including a large range of new face shapes, much more slots so you can make even more emojis, and available credit upgrades to accessorize! Expect to see it on the game very soon, but in the meantime take a look at the sneak peeks:

That’s all for now – we hope to see you at the Credit Jackpot Award Show, Tonight 8PM EST beginning live at The Stage!

Play Now!

Have an iOS device and love iMessage stickers? Pick up Penguin Oasis’ free iMessage sticker pack, on the official App Store here.

Want to play Penguin Oasis but without all the features? Take a look at: Penguin Oasis: Classic. The same great CPPS, but without all the features, just like the original Club Penguin. Play it here.




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