Penguin Oasis: 6 things you need to know


There’s always that one CPPS.. we’re talking about the one that puts ASKFM back in trend, the one CPPS that is actually fun to play because you can kill that one person you’ve been dying to beat (with snowballs, of course). From what I’ve seen, Penguin Oasis gives that vibe. So do some other CPPSes out there. You know that artist, Beyoncé? The users think that Penguin Oasis is the CPPS equivalent to Beyoncé, basically.  Take in an example: CPRewritten. Compare those two and you’ll technically have Beyoncé and Adele sharing their award at the Grammys, on behalf of the users of course.  Here’s what some of the users think about Penguin Oasis:

“Oasis is great, I love the features and the staff are super friendly and really helpful.” – Alpha

“Oasis is a GREAT cpps, it has its own features which no other servers has, and it’s own games (Hide and seeks + Snowball server) Which makes it very unique, the game itself is user friendly, and also has great and helpful staff which makes is absolutely great.” – Carly

1. Snowball Rooms



For one, the snowball rooms. There’s red, yellow, white, grayish, and even missile snowballs. Like I said before, you can kill people you would like to beat. If you don’t know about the snowball rooms, you’ve been living under a rock! For a guide regarding the Oasis snowball servers, click here.

But wait! That’s not all…

2. Carla, our favorite barista.

She’s iconic! She’s a legend! She’s a penguin barista.

Every time you walk into the Coffee Shop of Penguin Oasis, Carla greets you asking if you would like some coffee. That’d be handy in the morning. Just look at these cute screenshots.

found mah new bestie, sorry Omar
she’s soooooo nice :((

3. Messaging System

The messaging system is so clean and user-friendly. All you have to do is click the postcard next to your penguin settings icon on Penguin Oasis and your private messages appear. 

Send messages freely, however; you want with Penguin Oasis. Public or private. We’ve seen this on other servers before, but Penguin Oasis takes a unique approach to the messaging system by implementing such a simplistic design.

4. Outfit Saver

Ever wondered what that little save icon is doing creeping out in the bottom right-hand corner of your player card? It’s called an outfit saver. With this little handy thingy ma bobber, you can save your outfits. Just click it and you’ll be prompted asking for a name of the outfit you’d like to save.

swag in which I don’t have, yeah!

You’re then able to access your outfits via the outfits tab in the player manager.

Fun fact: Penguin Oasis was one of the first CPPSes to introduce some of these features.

5. The Oasis Bot

I love the bots here; they’re honestly quite helpful.

The screenshot included above says it all. Clicking support will redirect you to the support page for Oasis, clicking Account Manager will redirect you to the blog page for Oasis, and so on. I don’t need to go scrolling through pages to turn on two-factor authentication anymore!

6. NPC Creator

This is one of the most impressive features I’ve seen from a CPPS before. 

You can have your own customized bot within your igloo. It can say anything you’d like, move anywhere you like, and much more.

I’ll leave it up to you to explore more of Penguin Oasis.

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