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So, many of you may have heard of Penguin Nation, if not, don’t worry I’ve got you covered. As a start, Penguin Nation is owned by Daleth and unfortunately, to break the news for you AS2 penguins, Penguin Nation runs on the AS3 engine. Penguin Nation is for sure still in open beta with a few bugs left to fix, here’s a quick statement from Penguin Nation’s owner –

“One thing we are proud of with Penguin Nation is our open development process: Development

Well, now let’s get started on an interview with Daleth and later in our journey we’ll be looking into Penguin Nation:

What inspired you to create Penguin Nation?
Well, It all started from me telling a few friends that Club Penguin was shutting down, and I said “I could probably recode it if you wanted” in a joking manor. The thing is, they took me seriously, and encouraged me to do it. I have always had a aspiration for back end clean room engineering, so I started a basic source to handle packets, it took a while before we could even log in, but eventually it panned out! We had a little traction by then within a few communities I ran, so I decided to try and show it off to a few people. They were hyped, and that made me happy. I then began frantically working with a few people to download swf files from the official club penguin, and use software to log more and more packets to try and re-create it. I was inspired by how happy it made people, and I liked that. I don’t charge a dime for our services, nor do I plan to, I just want to help make people happy with something I’m good at

How long has Penguin Nation been in the Development process?
Since December 2016

Have you got any fun or exciting events planned for the users?
Yes! Absolutely! We are working very hard to bring our users new and cusom features, such as a Perry the Platypuffle that you can adopt! We are also toying with the idea of a few monthly repeatable events such as “Stealing from Rockhopper” along with a quite a few others, you can see all the things we are planning on our trello! Obviously we will be hosting a slew of parties in the future, and some permanent parties such as Wilderness Expedition (Finished) and Cave Mine (In Progress). (Stealing from Rockhopper: https://trello.com/c/U3gtlI7M/105-stealing-from-rockhopper ) (Trello: https://trello.com/b/I0YRAeVI/penguin-nation )

When do you think Penguin Nation will be fully functional with all bugs fixed, etc?
We have a reasonable release date set for late 2017 early 2018, as the code is made from scratch it takes time to polish and work on. However we are working on it daily, and are committed to setting a new standard.

Any further comments?
Well, we do try to be a kid friendly environment, and we are always open to user input and ideas! Our doors are open, and we are ready to welcome all penguins. In Penguin Nation, you are who your penguin is, you can leave the real world behind and just have a fun time being the penguin you want to be. :smiley:

I’d like to thank Daleth for taking the time off to answer a few questions, Solid answers!

Now, let’s get onto some in-game screenshots, we’ll get into games and such as well..
Below are a few snapshots, in-game.

Love the fonts, don’t you?

Neat :ok_hand:

Look’s good right? Old rooms as a start..

Now, let’s get to the games,

Sled racing, works. Terry in the lead!

System defender also works, games work just a few minor bugs to fix. Card Jitsu has also been implemented and is semi-functional with some bugs to finish up!

Well, I believe that should be it for now! For any future updates you can visit here.

Once again, Thanks to Daleth and a special good luck with Penguin Nation. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great rest of your day!

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