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Hey everyone,
First of all, Wow this is my 3rd post today!

Unrelated news,
You guys heard about Pengable coming back in November right? Well guess what! It’s coming a month earlier! TODAY!!! Pengable v2 will be here at 3:00pm EST. You have to be there because they will only let the first 500 users beta test. You may even get ID 1! (Lol not really thats for owners). So who knows? Pengable might change or not! But still! :). If you check Pengable’s twitter you’ll see that they say that Pengable v2 opens doors at 3:00pm EST. If you check theyre webpage you’ll get more info! I currently dont LOVE or HATE Pengable. Im middle 😛 but It’s not my opinion that matters! You love pengable? Play it! Hate it? Don’t play it. Well that’s all the info I have right now.

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