Pengable Coming This November

Coming This November

And Graser 8 has quit Pengable 🙁


I have got great news,

Pengable will come back in November!!!

Do you think they will get a AS3 (latest user interface) some Club Penguin has now in 2012 to example? like CPE (CP Emulator) (or CPPS.me v3) ? (but they closed now)

I think that Pengable will me a trillion times better than ever!

P.S. If you seen someone in Pengable when it starting without wearing some of the beta items and has same name glow and name color as to e.x. Clubpenguin the moderator too, but i’ll change it sometimes so you know, by the way it is not me if so,

and you guys know that i got hacked before in Pengable?

I got hacked because i was a administrator (before i was a moderator, now i am a administrator because i am able to !BAN and !KICK but i can mute and kick from Player card’s too, but now i am a administrator) and if any hackers try to hack me again… i will be so mad that i next will… i do not know!!! so mad!!! and angry!!!

By the way until then…

Waddle On!



  • i bought mod on th cpps and so much delay…. i want it back up so i can contuniue moderating
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    Hello dear 4ork3,
    Yes i know, everyone wish Pengable should be up again,
    but we cannot do anything to it,
    but it will be up in November i promise they said it was “officialy” now…
    But until then.
    Waddle On!