Pengable, Halloween?, and more…


You know that i posted about Pengable will come back in November?

By the way,

You know it is soon Halloween, right?

Pengable would come back in November, little more time after Halloween…

They may have a Halloween custom party they designed self?

Do you think that too?

Please leave a comment 🙂 ,

Note: Every comment some have inappropriate languages will be deleted or moderated by me in my posts.

(I can not do that at every posts because i am not a editor at here 🙁 )

…By the way,

That i have an edited version of the header i made for the Speedy CPPSHQ’s Olympic Games

(Some people do not belive that i made the header self 🙁 )

…you know that the header has a “loading icon”, but was it that needed for?…

Yes, it is needed because, when we have parties here,

I can edit it and add a logo for the party we have…

By the way here is the header for our upcoming Speedy CPPSHQ’s Olympic Games…


Press for full image,

And the name at the file is ” please change the name at this file before add it please ” …

So please change the file name, i did not came with a good file name,

by the way,

Until then…

Waddle On!



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When you are done with your posts, press edit at your post when published,

and you will come to this site: https://speedycppshq.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php …

…and now you can press the button tab there it stays Visual   |   Text < press Text,

then paste in this HTML code where ever you want the follow button:

<p><a class=”twitter-follow-button” href=”http://twitter.com/SpeedyCPPSHQ“>Follow @SpeedyCPPSHQ</a></p>

And then press Visual again,

then press “Update” or what ever it stays,

and look,

you have in your post a Follow @SpeedyCPPSHQ button!

You are welcome everybody!

↑ Note this is about our Technology theme,

please scroll down for admin’s post.


Look the sample of the Follow @SpeedyCPPPSHQ button:




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