pCPPS Updates

pCPPS Olympic Party has officially started. It’s perfect, as many people say. You can watch TV on pCPPS, have a race from Dock to the Forts. And also, people pick random people to get 500 points. Only 5 will be able to get 500 points, every week. So, stay tight and be positive, if you want to win 500 points, if you do win 500 points, well done. You get to pick NameColour or Nameglow. If you have both, you don’t need to buy anything. It’s very generous of the pCPPS staff to give rewards out on pCPPS.  pCPPS is one of the best customed CPPSes, if you didn’t noticed. It’s also a gift that you can watch on a computer instead of watching it on TV. (I keep repeating myself, sorry.) Hopefully, we are all enjoying the pCPPS party. Please give me more information about the pCPPS Olympic Party. The new CPPS – pCPPS is a big hit. Please come back for more posts, pages and other updates, every day. Thank you. Yours certainly, truly -APingualex10

Happy Summer Holidays and please have a very, lovely, excellent day.


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