pCPPS Updates (Similar post to Cheerios) And other stuff of it.

As Cheerios said, pCPPS is down because of an idiot making a mistake for the event, this means we have to wait longer and the person who made a mistake should learn how to design clearly. An ‘idiot’ who was from the pCPPS Hosting Company. But, so many people can be patient enough which is good, because events do take time, just like Club Penguin. It does take a month somewhere to design a very nice party that people want to complete. It’s very complicated, as people say. People are really sad that the game is down, just like Cheerios. Oh, well, I hope we don’t have to wait very long. This party will have perfection everywhere, as in, it’s going to be perfect. Some people have an idea on what’s it going to be like. Anyway, I will post more information and try to be specific, later. For now, we need to wait, which should not be a problem, but it will be frustrating for us. If you have any information about the new server — pCPPS, please tell me at the comments. Thank you, please come back for more posts, pages and other updates.

Recent quote from the creators:

Hold your horses!

Hey, Penguins. Unfortunately, due to an idiot at our Hosting Company making a mistake, the game is currently down. Don’t worry, it’ll be back again soon. See you for the Olympics.

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Happy Holidays, viewer.


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