pCPPS olympic party

Hello guys! it’s me Crisps82 and today i got news!

Pcpps.us! are making an olympics party, all countrys will be supported But they will be rooting great britian

It’s gonna be on july 25th(my bday is in july 25th) pCPPS will be launching it’s first ever party, The Olympics Party! Britain! It looks like some competition will be heating up on pCPPS. :P The Olympics Party will have many mascots waddling around the island, some including Rockhopper, Gary, and Rocky (in his sports gear). Something that is really exciting and out-of-this-world breaking news is that pCPPS will have a huge, in-game plasma TV screen which will feature the LIVE Olympics in London, England! I guess there’s a new way to watch the Olympics – pCPPS! (laughter intended).

Some information i got from “Thomas” So im gonna put his site here for special thanks! Because of some of the information :CPPShq.com

Heres a picture:


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