Our Next Stepping Stone!

Hi guys,

We are taking new steps on how we improve Speedy CPPSHQ. Through this, we are slowly changing and refacing how we conduct our work here, as much is outdated, and we must modernize. Some changes you may already notice is the new site design, a new logo and content refresh, along with the change of service checks.

Today we have taken another new step, and would like to introduce you to our brand new homepage. The homepage is dynamic, responsive and the hub of Speedy CPPSHQ. We offer the latest trending pages through our design, along with quick and easy methods on finding sourced information. At the moment, we have just launched it, and do not want to change the default settings of Speedy CPPSHQ, as we do not want to affect the way you access our site.

If you would like to visit our new homepage, you can simply click on ‘Home‘, in the top navigation bar. Like it? Hate it? Let us know in this quick poll below:

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We appreciate and respond to all feedback provided, as it helps our site grow.

You may also notice an ‘Events‘ button featured on our homepage, this is one of the newest features released. We have now made it easier for you to organise, plan and view CPPS events. This new feature puts you in control of event management! Simply let us know on the events contact form, featured underneath calendar, if you are planning to host an event on a CPPS, with as much information of the date and/or time & location and we’ll feature it on our calendar! This interactive new feature will be a highlight for those wanting to promote an event they have planned, whether it’s a birthday party, meetup, competition & more. You can view the page here, along with our first event added, which is a CPPS event hosted by iPenguin!

Social Media – Launches!

Recently, you may notice the appearance of two brand new social media accounts launched, briefly mentioned in a previous post.

These brand new accounts on Twitter are currently in trial, as an engagement & enhancement project to follow our social media activity.

Speedy CPPSHQ Engage (@SpeedyEngage)

Our latest engagement facility is here. The first of it’s kind. Speedy CPPSHQ likes to bring forward brand new concepts and ideas to the board. This new Twitter account will focus on audience engagement. We will hunt down the latest of the CPPS hub and interact with you, we love to have fun, and this account will showcase our fun side, engage with others, bring you to new opportunities, provide suggestions and most of all network within the community.  Check us out over at @SpeedyEngage!

Speedy CPPSHQ Latest (@SpeedyLatest)

Sometimes social media can become a congested place, with news everywhere, all the important parts can eaisly be missed. We brought you our new tactic on bringing and sorting out the important aspects of the news we bring you, in short tweets of 140 characters & under, for those who are time short! We bring you our breaking news centre. This network will tweet and address all our important #breaking news sourced from all over the community. We want to keep you updated 24/7, with this new hub of breaking news, you will never miss an important news story! Check us out over at @SpeedyLatest!

In minor news, we have scrapped the ticket system over at Contact Us, you can still contact us, through our new, cleaner contact form.

That’s not all! We have even greater plans for Speedy CPPSHQ, dwelling into the future of CPPS blogging. Sit back and relax, our new future updates are certainly going to be game-changing.




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