Olympic Updates!

Hello everyone,

The Olympic Games are almost at an end, with three days remaining. It went pretty fast, anyhow here is the current top 10 in the medal tally:

It had dramatically changed, as now there is a new leader, The U.S.A.

These strong countries will put up a fight, we will find out the final medal tally on the 13th of August.

In other news,

The Speedy CPPSHQ Olympic Events Party, never took off with any events, which is pretty sad. It’s time to end the Olympics with a bang, we as staff are planning a final Olympic event on the last day of the Olympics, more news will be shared very soon.

In celebration of the Olympic Games, Speedy CPPSHQ will be hiring 1 more editor, if you think you’re right for the job, you can fill out this application bellow which is an easier one than the apply page:

  1. Name – What do we call you?
  2. Email – Important to send activation link.
  3. Do you have good spelling & grammar?
  4. Have any experience in the blogging industry? E.g: Blogs you been authors/admins/editors on ,owning a blog, if so please provide a link as proof.

The editor will be picked within the next few days, simply comment on this post answering the following questions listed above. Good luck!

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~ Speedy CPPSHQ, Celebrating The 30th Olympiad, London 2012~

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