Olympic Event!

Hey Everyone,
How are you all enjoying the Olympics? I know I am! well I got an event for you all! It was a hard choice for me because I couldn’t decide between Find me or Iggy Contest but since Candy alredy did Find me I didn’t wanna copy her so my choice was “Igloo Contest”

So all you gotta do is make the best igloo you can it can be: a house, a spaceship even a toilet lol! Use your imagination! Be creative and remember to have fun! When your done just take a screenshot of your igloo and comment below the link..I will look at all the igloos and pick 3.

All of you might know that the price is obviously medals and incase you don’t know here is some help:
First Place = Golden Medal
Second Place= Silver Medal
Third Place= Bronce Medal

I will look at all the igloos and I won’t accept anymore in the 21th of november so in that date I will reveal the winners…
Goodluck to all,


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