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Hey Everybody,

Jennifer here to inform you of yesterday’s giveaway on OldCP! This giveaway had about 56 people online for it and it was a blast. Charles, the Emperor of OldCP, allowed me to do this giveaway and he helped me do it as much as he could. This was a giveaway done at almost random, and Charles gave me the opportunity to do it. A big thank you goes out to him for letting me host it! The real reason for the giveaway was because it was to celebrate having 50 posts on Speedy CPPSHQ. Silly, I know, but we wanted to do it since we both felt generous at the time as well! You probably have a few questions running through your head, so I’ll get straight to answering possible questions —

  1. What were you giving away on OldCP?
    I was giving away namecolor and 100,000 gold.
  2.  Woah, hold on, did the same person get the namecolor and 100,000 gold?
    Nope! I gave the namecolor to one person, and I gave the 100,000 gold to another person.
  3. What is gold and what do you use it for?
    If you don’t play OldCP, gold is basically like in-game money — it’s OldCP’s currency and it’s used to buy cool, unique, neat features. You earn 400 gold an hour for being active, and people can transfer each other gold!
  4. Who were the two lucky winners, and what did each person win?
    Maddie10 won namecolor, and Iceicebaby777 won the 100,000 gold!
  5. How did you choose the winners?
    I chose the winners by random, I examined the room and I picked out two completely random people.

Here at Speedy CPPSHQ, the administration has been thinking about doing more giveaways on other CPPSes as well. If you’re an owner who’s wanting one, do not hesitate to contact one of the administrators! In OldCP’s giveaway, I didn’t mention Speedy CPPSHQ all that much, as we planned the giveaway about 15-30 minutes before it actually happened and we didn’t have too much time to explain exactly why we were doing it.

OldCP’s giveaway had a huge crowd of people who came to it, and I got some pictures of it while the giveaway was in action 24 hours ago! Here are the few pictures I snapped during the event —

Here’s when we were starting up the giveaway.
Asking the users whether to give out the 100,000 gold or the namecolor first!
Here’s when Charles gave one of the giveaway winners her namecolor, along with lots of congratulating to her!
Here’s when Charles gave out 25,000 gold to all those who participated! Thanks!

As you can see, this giveaway was definitely a success. I believe I’ll be doing more giveaways at random on OldCP with the other staff, so be sure to not miss out! Register and play today, you won’t be disappointed!

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