Some of you may have heard and some of you may not have. OldCP V12 is back! They reverted to v12 after they thought that v13 had slightly decreased some of the users, the recent change of version also has brought back a very famous face in the community! Damen. Yes, we know you are stoked! But guess what? I am not lying, he’s actually back! If you check their play page you can see his name on the staff list.


See? Damen, Rocket, and Luke are the only administrators for now and Abu as a moderator. With that being said, the website has been changed back to OldCP’s authentic design.


The good ol’ days, I guess? They are already in the process of bringing everything back to how it was. Many users have returned and OldCP is now active once again. OldCP will be appointing new moderators soon. Some of the old OldCP (v13) staff will stay and some of them will be fired. From the news we have received, OldCP (v13) accounts were deleted. Let’s check out OldCP and see the users if they are actually back.


Well, they seem to excited with these changes! Wrapping up this post, be sure to check out OldCP for some missions, crime zone, roleplay and much more!

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