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OldCP recently updated. Not just their game, but their staff. Charles is now the new emperor of OldCP. That’s right, Damen’s out. OldCP was sold to Charles. After OldCP was taken under new leadership, Charles reset the OldCP staff. The staff members now include: Charles,  guinpeng, Lou, George5562, Jack and myself. Not too long ago was it announced that the administration team (guinpeng and Charles) were reading more applications to this very moment. It was also announced via an in-game popup that everyone would get a role. One of those roles might not be a moderation role, but rather a roleplay role in OldCP’s redesigned Crimezone.

It’s been said that the official OldCP Forums will soon come back to life. We’re not too sure when, but we’re sure that they’ll be called OldCPHQ rather than DSGHQ. DSGHQ was the forum’s former name when OldCP was under the leadership of Damen. There is one more unannounced update. It’s exclusive to SpeedyCPPSHQ. Read closely! OldCP will be implementing beaks that you can use in-game. We don’t have much information on this either, but we will keep you updated.

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