As some of you may and some of you may not OldCP has yet another new Owner Rocket, you may be wondering what happened? Charles had put OldCP for sale which didn’t go well with Damen, which made him transfer the ownership to his friend Rocket, ever since then OldCP has been through numerous changes which this post will address, if you are interested in knowing about what has been happening with OldCP, check out this detail-filled post by Jennifer by clicking here.

OldCP has updated its rooms specifically only for this new journey, the v13 journey, we will check each room that OldCP has customized. First lets check out the hang-out place and the hub of every CPPS, the Town.

applicationframehost_2016-09-21_13-49-59The rooms as I said earlier have been customized for this new journey, next let’s check out some exclusive rooms made only for OldCP.

applicationframehost_2016-09-21_13-50-34As you can see this is the courtroom, where all the discussions take place and this room can be accessed by using /court command. Who doesn’t love missions, jousts and shooting? Seeing the need from the community, the OldCP Team have made their very own joust room!

applicationframehost_2016-09-21_13-51-47Just in time for another joust, as you can see this room is exclusively made only for OldCP and this is what makes it truly unique, you may access this room by using /joust command. If you’re a new user who wants those guns and those fancy tools, you first need to be skilled and OldCP has its very own TRAINING room to do just that!

applicationframehost_2016-09-21_14-12-36The middle area of the room can be accessed only when an administrator or moderators gives you the permissions to, its sort of like a barrier. This room can be accessed by using /training command, so what are you waiting for? Go get yourselves prepared!

Last but not the least, the OldCP team have also added their very own leaderboard for an even more competitive environment!

applicationframehost_2016-09-21_13-47-55The leaderboard are based on Kills and Deaths so if you want to be in the leaderboard, you need to be a gangster and kill some penguins! Click here to check out the leaderboards!

applicationframehost_2016-09-21_13-48-19Even though OldCP’s new version released a few days ago, it has successfully impressed the community by getting 1365 users in such a short time! And well that’s a wrap everyone, we’ll keep an eye on OldCP for more updates and news in the future.

This is Ray signing off for now, have a lovely week!

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