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Greetings, the designer of OldCP – Zes has been working on unique designs for OldCP v13, considering his phenomenol artwork I decided to contact him for some exclusive sneek peeks. Which impressed me.

First, lets start with the Town which Zes has been working on. This room will be released once OldCP is out of beta. The environment will be turned into a crimezone further into the game.


Let’s check out the joust room which players can fight to death.


Next, let’s check out the new and improved courtyard, where the joust will take place.


You guys like the tv show, Game of Thrones? Then check out the new throne room.



The Throne room is a room where sessions take place and the team interacts with the users. Moving forward is the training room.


The training room is a place where players train to become future knights and protectors of OldCP. Last but not the least, let’s check out the jail.


The jail is a room where users go when they break the rules.

Zes also had this to say about the upcoming features of the server.

Jousts are a different system now. Instead of killing a user, you are rewarded with 1000 gold for winning a joust. There are also leaderboards showing the amount of kills and deaths the top 10 players have. In the future, when OldCP is back up and out of beta, I plan on re-theming the whole CPPS into night time, so it will give more effect to things like crimezone, and just give the users a little change from the regular rooms. I am working on custom items for the users to use as well, and I am open to any suggestions.
Thanks for reading everyone, have a great day!
Over and out,
~ Raymond.


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