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Hey everyone,


Today, I was on OldCP with a few friends and found that they were doing a few continuous events to earn gold. The first event was a dress up contest. The first portion of the dress up contest was themed “animals”. Each player had 10 minutes to dress up as an animal of their choice. The winners and runner ups would be selected by the OldCP team: Leo, Myself, Jack, Vibe and Fice.

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Screenshot from 2016-08-18 17:40:29

There was numerous outfit contributions, sheep, wolves, trolls, elephants, lions and much more, all on OldCP. Only one could win and two could run up. Ten minutes came, and time was up. The winner was to be selected by the OldCP team. The team looked long and hard at the contestants and finally picked a winner and two runner ups. Everyone was considered, but only three could win. Those three were: 1st Place – Rouge11 2nd – Ash 1415 and lastly, Cindy. Congratulations to them! We have an exclusive interview with the winner of the 1st dress up contest. Everyone received 1,000 gold for participating in the fashion show, to top it off!

I got to ask Rouge11 one question – how do you feel about winning this contest?

I won, when I did I was like haha! Woo! I didn’t expect to win and feel really great about it.

Screenshot from 2016-08-18 18:05:17
Thanks to Rouge11 for letting me interview her!


The next contest was a quiz with random questions. Questions would be selected by members of the team, once again, Leo, myself, Jack, Vibe, and Fice. During the quiz, there was a bunch of questions to answer. You were prompted to answer via typing your answer in the chat. Whoever got the fastest, closest answer won. The administration took time to make up questions.

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There was many questions for the trivia game, but only one person could win. Whoever had answered the questions the fastest, throughout every question, would be the most knowladgeable on OldCP by far. Ten questions were answered throughout the second event. Ash1415 was one of the players who scored a point during this trivia contest. I have an exclusive interview with him, also.


Question for Ash1415 – What did you like about the current contests going on today?

Well I liked the trivia, and that was really fun. The questions were very unique. I also liked that the questions were all random which made the trivia game very fun. 

Screenshot from 2016-08-18 18:44:29
Thanks to Ash1415 for allowing me to interview him during these events!


OldCP will have more nights like this in the future. These nights are opportunities for you to win gold, features, and even meet rare penguins! Go to OldCP today to learn more!

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