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Hello Everyone,

If you didn’t already know, OldCP has been going through some rough moments and issues. OldCP is currently being taken over. Old staff member named Wheeler has taken over OldCP and has killed and banned many users and staff members. Wheeler has also gotten new staff members ranked throughout the game and banned and killed the old ones. But no need to fear. OldCP Owner Charles is working on fixing what’s happened the in past day today. I would like to say that OldCP staff members are trying to resolve this problem within the chat and on the game. Also, the staff members ask for your cooperation. We understand that many users have either been shot or banned, but don’t worry because very soon it will all be back to normal. I haven’t been moderator for that long but I sure know that it will get fixed because everyone believes in OldCP and has faith in it.

The staff also have been trying their hardest to try and resolve this as soon as it can be resolved, but it will take time. So, I ask if you’re a user on OldCP, I suggest you not go on until Charles has fixed the whole thing completely. OldCP has recently been going through some tough times and the staff members work really hard to help the users with whatever problem they’re having in or out of the game. I understand this situation upsets some of you, but we shouldn’t worry because we have to have faith in Charles and in OldCP. OldCP may be at hard times at the moment but we have our wonderful users to pick us right back up.

Sometimes things happen for a reason, there can be a good side and a bad side to it. Also, I know it’s bad right now but it will get better. Sometimes you’ve got to think positive even though something bad is going on. Don’t lose hope on OldCP, because it will be back in safe hands before you know it. There’s always a way that you can find a positive side to something that’s really bad or upsetting. I would also like to thank the users and OldCP staff for all they do, without our users we wouldn’t be where we at right now. I’d like to thank the staff for all of the hard work they do. I know sometimes it can get rough but we’ve gotta keep strong and think about the positives in this.

Thank you for reading,


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