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Today I will be sharing with you some unique custom and outstanding features Oasis has. Instead of me going on about what it has, i’ll show you images with captions instead.

Here we go,

BFF/MARRY System. For the first time ever, YOU can choose what expression the face of your penguin has. Simply choose from the Account Manager menu. Command menu. This can be accessed while playing. By simply clicking on a title, you can change and alter things. You can change the colors of your status. This is the first cpps to add status colors! This can be accessed from the Account Manager menu. The town. As you can see, many users have namecolor! You can buy namecolor by earning and saving up credits. This is an example of when you change your facial expression on your playercard. The result of changing your status color. Looks great right? You can officially save outfits! This is the first time a cpps has added this function. Simply pick-out an outfit, name the outfit and hit save. The outfit will then be kept saved on the Account Manager menu, and can be selected or deleted. This is where you will find your saved outfits! You can change the look of your playercard! This is the first time a cpps has added this function. Simply select 1/3 options shown, and this will change the look of your playercard. Please note: You will not be able to see the change, only other players. This is the result of changing your playercard. Looks great! This is the bots name! It’s really awesome it has a robot next to it. This is the first time a cpps has added an image next to the bots name. This cpps also has a Facebook function! When you register, you have an option of choosing whether you want to include your facebook account to your profile. If you do, others can click the facebook logo next to your name and go directly to your profile. Custom eye color! For the first time on cpps’, you can change the color of your penguins eyes. This is an amazing function, where you can select two colors and this will then be saved to your penguin. This is an example of changing the penguins eye color, in this case I have chosen red for both colors. Looks awesome! Custom emotions! There are some brand new emoticons added to this cpps. It looks fantastic! Shrink and grow! You can change the size of your penguin! Simple say !SIZE (Number) and you can grow or shrink. The difference from this and other cpps’ is that if you change rooms, you will still stay the same size that you have adjusted. Which I find really cool! The PM system has returned. This is one of two methods of PMing someone on this cpps. Customer shell loader! This is a custom loader made for this cpps. Simple is better right? Item adding menu! Simply type in a description of an item and hit search! You can then browse through items which match your search terms. This is a brand new function. Room menu! You can now look through all the rooms through the drop down list. This is an awesome feature. There goes the days of remembering room IDs! Ring color menu! You can change the color of the ring around your penguin. Everyone will be able to see the color, and there is a large variety to choose from. Furniture menu! You can now browse through furniture items, by simply hitting in a few keywords and press search! This is a brand new features of Private Messaging! Simply type in who it is to, and a message and this will send to the player. This is the first time a cpps has added this kind of private messaging. Coin adder! Simply type in the amount of coins you are after and hit enter! You can also change the mood of your penguin through another menu. All items you add has an ID directly bellow it. This is help if someone asks you for an ID and all you need to do is find the image.

So there’s all the features this wonderful cpps has. Want to give it a go?

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