Oasis Downtime, Mirai News + Contest #1 Extended



As you may be already aware, Oasis is currently suffering downtime.

Oasis has been down for little under a day, with it going offline 8:50pm PST. The team is currently aware of this issue, as the fault is on our side. We are currently working on a fix, to bring you back Oasis as soon as possible.


The rumored launch date of Mirai, was said to be November 2nd. We can now confirm today that this was only a rumor, and that the official launch date has not yet been revealed. Please pay close attention to the website, Mirai.SO as a countdown timer to Mirai‘s launch will soon be added to then give you an appropriate time estimate on when the server is ready. It will be officially announced on Mirai‘s official Twitter handle @Mirai_SO & will be spread throughout our social media platforms too, to notify you when you can register. Just to reinstate, Mirai will not launch on November 2, it will be delayed until further notice.

Contest #1

As mentioned in a previous post we have launched our first official contest. Due to the limited entries & Oasis downtime, we have decided to extend this contest over the next week. The new date of closure of our contest is: November 9 2015 at 8PM PST. This will now allow you to have more time to plan your igloo designs and enter in your contest. You can click here to view our contest again.

We will keep you posted for more news on Oasis & Mirai as they come.


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