Oasis: Closed



The Oasis team would like to publicly inform you that we have now officially closed.

Thank you for sticking with Oasis for these many months, we’ve hoped you enjoyed this project just as much as we have. The team are grateful to have such amazing users, such as yourselves. Personally, Oasis was something that has always been within my heart, and it is a shame to see it go. (Cheesy I know..). All content of Oasis (including play) will now be inaccessible.

We’ve had a long run, with an amazing team, and exceptionally amazing users. Our team hopes that you have enjoyed your time on Oasis, just as much as we have.

We would like to thank you for everything you have done for Oasis, over these past few months. The team appreciates and are grateful to have such amazing users to associate with. I personally hold Oasis very close to my heart, putting my all in as Oasis means the world to me, and is depressing to see it go. We have all picked up many friends maybe even relationships, I sure have on Oasis, which will last a long long time. We have been through tough and thin but have always managed to pull ourselves back together at the end of the day, and bring forward new innovations in the CPPS community, such as amazing, unique features that blew your minds! The relationship between the moderation team and the users have been high, with our connection growing as we consider you all our friends. Through the countless events we went through, of the Oasis Prom and Summer Party, with sparked thousands heading our way, we made so many memories.

Thank you for sticking with Oasis.

P.S: http://oasis.ps/ will now redirect to our new project.

This isn’t a goodbye. This is a new beginning. Welcome back to the future. Mirai.






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