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Hi guys,

Speedy CPPSHQ’s Olympics is one step closer, we finally have enough countries to participate in our Olympic Games, 40 countries to be exact.

The list has turned into a image, visit the ‘Medal Tally’ page to see all 40 countries, and see if your country has made the list!

The committees are still a little bare, we need more people joining in the committees, to be involved in a committee, visit the ‘Committees’ page, and simply comment to be in any of the committees.

Job Number 1 – This is for all users involved in the ‘Designing Committee’, your first Olympic task is to design Olympic Penguin Mascots and

Note to the two users Yahoo & Sonic, please check your emails to confirm your author positions activation emails.

Speaking about staff…

We are currently low in staff numbers, the list is updated and we hardly have any authors. If you want to be an Author, please apply for it on the “Apply” Page, but you better hurry, numbers are limited.

Speedy CPPSHQ’s Olympic Games is extremely close now, as the only things left to do his hold meetings with our committees, and also schedule the events.

We need you help!

Can you think of any events that we could have for our Olympic Games? Comment bellow! This is what we have so far:

  • Racing to certain locations
  • Dressing up
  • Drawing competitions, (Like Xat’s new name ‘doodle race’)
  • Swimming at the underground pool, on cpps’
  • Playing Soccer/ Hockey at the stadium (on cpps’)
  • Snowball fights
  • Grammar/Spelling contests (Spot the mistakes)
  • Archery using snowballs (Hit a exact target with a snowball)
  • Igloo contests
  • Timed Hide ‘n seek
  • Typing contests, (how fast can you type? On the shout-boxes)

Kind Regards,

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