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Hi guys,

CPPSes are about to change forever, with the introduction of this revolutionary new CPPS. Introducing.. CouplesCP!

CouplesCP is exactly what it sounds like.. a home for every CPPS couple! Upholding a fun, playful environment to perhaps host your first date.. start a family or perhaps just have some special one-on-one igloo time.

This server resembles its name quite well, founded only days ago by Sloof & Lirpa. The server is entirely based around one goal, and that is to invite those who feel neglected or judged by the community for being within a CPPS relationship and have a safe haven where they can spend their days with other couples. Here is one of the owners, Sloof told us when interviewed:

Here at CouplesCP, we understand how hard it is for a relationship to stay well maintained on a CPPS, so we have came prepared offering the tools and resources for your relationship to flourish! We understand that there are not many places those in a relationship can spend their days together, facing judgement just because it’s a CPPS relationship. We believe it’s more than that! We do not just offer some amazing locations that you could really just bond, but also free services a few nights a week, such as our couples counselling nights where we can help you fix up your relationship, or our annual couples day out – inviting couples to take part on hands-on activites such as our Easter Egg hunt, to really cement their relationships.

The custom “Boyfriends vs Girlfriends” game at the Stadium.
The custom “First Date” tent at the Pizza Parlor.
Dance the night away with your loved one at the Dance Club!

Wow! Loving the colors – along with the concepts! It’s every couples paradise in here!

CouplesCP already has a range of features to be discovered, some of those are:

  • Customized Games. All games have been made multiplayer, so you can help out your partner when playing Pizzatron, Bean Counters and more!
  • Nameglow & Bubblecolor.
  • Custom mascots: Rockhoppers Wife, Cadence’s Boyfriend, Gary’s Girlfriend & Sensei’s Wife.
  • Joint Couple-Igloos + Joint Igloo editing. On CouplesCP your igloo will be shared with your partner, this will also allow you to both edit the igloo (even at the same time). This awesome concept takes away the loneliness of having two separate igloos, and those who have picky partners can finally shift that picture frame slightly to the center, to have things her way.
  • Preset couple styles. !Boy 1-20 and !Girl 1-10. For example: !Boy 1 will put you into an automatically generated boy outfit.
  • Custom Rooms. The Stadium, Dock, Pizza Parlor, Town & Ice Berg have all been customized!
  • Custom items. (ID: 9011 – First Date Pizza Slices, ID: 9012 – “Sleeping on the Couch” Portable Couch, ID: 9013 – Expensive Earrings, ID: 9014 – “I love my Girlfriend” shirt, ID: 9015  – “I love my Boyfriend” shirt).
  • Custom furniture items such as the King Sized Bed, which is available via the catalog.

And much much more! The other owner Lirpa has exclusively told us that they will be hosting a massive couples welcome party, which will kick off right after we publish this post. This exclusive party will only accept the first 78 penguins to get onto CouplesCP, be fast! (and yes, all the mascots will be visiting – along with a special mascot named Aunt Apereel Furrst).

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