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Hello Everybody,

Today, I will be going over what has recently been occurring with StarPenguin — the French CPPS. As you all know, I have recently done a post on StarPenguin, explaining how they seemed to have suddenly went down 2 weeks ago. Ever since then, StarPenguin did not post on their Twitter for a good whole couple of weeks. Upon checking their Twitter, I noticed they tweeted both yesterday and today, with both good and bad news.

Let’s start this off with the bad news. About 10 hours ago, they tweeted this —

Translation: “Bad news: all StarPenguin accounts have been deleted. More information will be unveiled later.”

Reading this has probably both shocked and confused several StarPenguin players. Of course, nobody knows exactly why all StarPenguin accounts were suddenly deleted, since our fellow French friends have said that they will explain what happened later on. It seems from this that StarPenguin may make a comeback very soon after all, since they did not completely abandon their Twitter for the time being.

Now, on to the good news. Sometime yesterday, StarPenguin tweeted this the day before tweeting about the massive account deletion —

Translation: “We are looking for designers, if you are interested contact us by DM. -The Team of SP.”

Seeing this tweet also shows StarPenguin making a comeback to the CPPS community, and not being permanently erased when it comes to playing the game. Though they explained that they would be going down before, this tweet definitely shows a sign of hope for coming back very soon! In earlier tweets, as I put in my last post, StarPenguin explained how they would be going down for a very long time, and there was not much of an explanation provided in that very exact tweet. Now that we have an idea that they are coming back, it certainly will most likely make StarPenguin’s users very excited!

Digging deeper into their tweets and wanting an explanation regarding their future, I found a French player telling their Twitter that he liked StarPenguin and that he was upset. A reply was given to the user telling him this —

Translation: “Do not worry we will be back soon Adam33. If you have questions do not hesitate to share them with us.”

The StarPenguin player replied to them saying he hopes StarPenguin comes back, and StarPenguin discussed how he should give in suggestions for upcoming festivals for when the game makes it’s return. Reading this has showed me that StarPenguin should not be gone for good, and that they should pop up later on in the meantime. However, when the game opens up once more, I am almost positive that we will have to re-register since all accounts were deleted. Be sure to keep an eye out on their Twitter, pulling out your translator if you don’t speak French, and wait for their explanation as to why all accounts were deleted from StarPenguin.

Seeing they’re also looking for a designer, if you’re both good at designing and you speak French, do not hesitate to DM StarPenguin on Twitter if you’re interested in helping their game with both designing and making it’s future comeback. For now, let’s be sure to keep our eyes peeled and let’s check out their website every now and then to see if it may be up or not! StarPenguin is a great CPPS, and reading that it’s coming back is a great thing!



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