New uberPenguin ownership and reopening


Hey everyone,

uberPenguin has once again changed ownership and this time you’ll be seeing massive changes to the island! Originally owned by Lux (Seether) with co-owner Bones (Cyberwolf). uberPenguin has definitely had a lot of ownership changes, here’s the previous to current owners of uberPenguin in chronological order.

Owned by Lux and Bones, Lux sells uberPenguin to Brent. Keith joins Brent but Brent ends up going missing for weeks. Keith then sells uberPenguin to Liam and Swanky joins Liam and we now have the current owners of uberPenguin, Swanky and Liam!

Congratulations, you’re now all caught up on the history of uberPenguin! But what now? Well, here’s a quote from Liam.

There are two new owners, myself and Swankysox. Swanky is the previous owner of cpps.one. We are reopening the CPPS, with brand new default rooms, better interaction with the players, more features, etc.
Brand new default rooms? This definitely sounds interesting! I saw some sneek peeks of what could possibly become a reality and I must tell you, they look fantastic!

 In any case, Liam likewise said more features would come so I continued to ask Swanky what new features we could generally expect in the reviving, in conversing with Swanky I was informed that playercard music, bff/wed, and changes are ensured, and I’m additionally certain we can expect significantly more!

There’s currently no ETA for the reopening but it’s definitely something that you can look forward to, and don’t worry because the team here at SpeedyCPPSHQ will definitely be keeping you updated!


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