New Trial Author : Raymond

Hey everyone!

I am Raymond or simply known as Atharv12346! I am the new trial author at SpeedyCPPSHQ and CPPSnews.

This thread will give you almost all of the things you need to know about me.

These are somethings I do in my leisure times :-

  • Read books and write whatever comes in my mind.
  • Hang out with friends
  • Watch a movie or two.
  • I love playing Football.

That’s the only things I like ( now you know I am not a real-life guy)

I am 22 years old from Canada. I love writing and chatting.

I am an aspiring author and always wanted to work with CPPSnews and SpeedyCPPSHQ! You will be getting some of the freshest news by me for sure.


You can contact me on my Twitter.


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